Leading PPC Marketing Company

Shuban is a trusted expert in the pay-per-click (PPC) Ad management and marketing company . With our wide expertise in PPC Ad marketing and their management, we help you to achieve your digital marketing goals.

Our services provide you benefits like improved brand visibility, new and more traffic, and last but not the least reduced costs and this comes with personalized PPC services exclusive for your business.

We assist you to increase your search engine visibility and you will see immediate results with our PPC management services. In the current digital marketing world , the tides are shifting and most of the companies are looking for a fast and an effective way to position their brands in front of the high-converting customers.

Pay Per Click Marketing Services We Offer

PPC Keyword Audit

Shuban PPC team utilizes a variety of tools to understand the potential customers’ search behavior and analyze which keywords those customers are likely to use on a search engine . We identify and share your business top target keywords and then categorize them on the basis of search volume, industry-relevance and competition.

Landing Page Conversion & Optimization

Our PPC experts combine SEO development and PPC campaigns using the high-performing keywords, relevant content, and domain specific CTAs to increase the consistency of leads. And along with this we can also use Google Analytics for examining and tracking the user patterns and accordingly optimize the landing page of website

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

The best customer aimed strategy is to capture your potential customers at the right time and through the right platform . To boost your Quality score and conversion rate, our PPC experts create persuasive PPC ads, check your business website landing page designs and develop user-friendly lead capture forms on your website pages.

Paid Search Ad

Register with our PPC services and market your brand as the top searched result in all the leading search engines. Our Paid Search experts not only optimize your ad targeting strategies or determine high-value keywords for your business, but they also develop PPC bidding strategies for you and track your ROI. With these practices our PPC team gets help to improve your website Quality Score, CTR and impression share.

Google Ads Account Management

Shuban PPC specialists perform in-depth PPC audits periodically and ensure that your products and services are reaching to your target audience segments only. This helps your business to engage with ideal customers across all search engines and also to acquire more traffic and online revenue.We improve your SEM targeting, leverage site link extensions and optimize your PPC ads for each platform to get higher engagement rates.

YouTube Ads Management

At Shuban our PPC specialists create memorable YouTube ads for your business and help you connect with potential clients through a more targeted approach. Our team explores the advanced options for YouTube targeting and then sets up your business oriented video remarketing campaigns.We conceptualize some unique ads for YouTube that tell the stories of clients success and connect with your target audience directly.